Below is information that helps our members and guests know what is being offered here at SUMC when it comes to media relations. Check out our media team and all of what each section is doing to make sure you stay informed.


In the Ed Battle sound room, we are equipped with the latest digital mixing sound board. If you are new to sound engineering or would like to learn how audio engendering works this is a place for you. Many people around the world get started in engineering at their church.


Since the pandemic has started in 2020 we have started streaming on the internet. That has given us the change to work with new equipment such as the Canon 80D, and Sony A7 DSLR cameras along with Atem Mini to produce our streams for Sunday Service.


Do you know how to use a DSLR camera, or even a phone? Photography is an important piece here at SUMC. Being a photographer means that you are our church historian. Have your photos featured in our quarterly news letter, social media, and church history books for years to come.


Although we have not launched a podcast here at the church, we are more than equipped to start one. Have you thought about doing a podcast for the church? Speak to our media director A.J., who is ready to talk to you about new content. Lets help our church grow by spreading the work and continuing to make the heling grace of God real.