Scott UMC Sunday school is committed to sound biblical instruction with an emphasis

on the practical application of scriptural truth in everyday life.

Scott UMC Sunday school is committed to fostering biblically literate students and

Christian leaders through Christian fellowship and fun.

Toddler Class:

• Bible Characters

• The Lord's Prayer: Introduction

Preschool / Kindergarten:

• The Lord's Prayer • Trust In God

• The Bible: An Introduction

• Bible Characters

• The 12 Disciples (Familiarization)

• Books Of The Bible

1st, 2nd and 3rd Grades:

• Books Of The Bible

• The Bible: How To Use It

• The Bible: Everyday Applications

• Bible Stories

• The 23rd Psalm

Grades 4th And 5th:

• The Bible: Everyday Applications

• How To Share The Good News

• Praying: where and how to begin

• Divisions of the Bible, Books of the Bible

Middle School:

• The Bible: How To Apply It To Life

• The Bible: Daily Readings

• The Bible: People

• The Bible: History

• The 91st Psalm

• The Bible: African American Culture

• Bible Concordance: How To Use It

• Prayer: How To Pray

• Sharing The Word Of God

High School:

• How To Use The Bible In Discussions

• Applying The Bible

• Researching The Bible

• Cross-Referencing The Bible

• Sharing The Word Of God With Others

• Personal Relationship With Jesus

Young Adult, Contemporary Adult, and Traditional Adult Class:

• Building A Deeper Friendship with God

• Reignite Your Passion for God